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Dexter Keats...

Trace is a 43 year old dood that plays guitar and writes music day in and day out. You can find him playing acoustic guitar at the edge of a lake, on the back patio, or even on a bare closet floor to find that unique sound. The feelings that come from these lyrics range from inspirational, soulful, spirited, and thought provoking. From one end of the spectrum to the other melodies can be upbeat that make your toes tap, or melancholy floats through space finding yourself at the end of a mindful journey.  

Bry is an 11 year old multi-instrumentalist song writer. He, had an early start into music with classical piano and, influenced by his father, added guitar a few years later. By the age of 10, he found his niche as a drummer and percussionist, continuing his amazing musical journey and is already an experienced studio artist. He finds himself sitting comfortably behind a classic drum kit, spilling out mindful rock beats to carry listeners through sounds from the heart. 

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